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How To Clean Your Pool Screen Enclosure

by Jennifer Eberhard 06/02/2019

If you own a pool, you probably also have a pool screen closure to keep debris and dirt from leaving your pool dirty and unkempt. Having a pool screen also serve as protection from sunlight and pesky animals. Pool screen enclosure also keeps wandering children and pets from getting hurt or being involved in a domestic pool accident. 

The pool screen enclosure serves many purposes, and this is why it’s a recommended option for homes with a pool. Maintaining the appearance of the screen enclosure might seem like a difficult task, but you can do it yourself. You can also seek the services of professional cleaners to get your screen enclosure back to how it used to look when you first purchased it. The following steps below will guide you (if you are adopting the DIY method) on how to keep your pool closure neat.

Traditional Soap And Water 

Regular soap, a brush and a bucket of warm water are enough to clean your pool screen. It’s a more stressful and energy draining method, but you can certainly get off most of the dirt and grime from your pool screen. Use a mixture of warm water, dish soap, and a soft brush to gently scrub off the dirt after which you use a hose to rinse off.

The Less Traditional Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer is a faster method of getting the dirt off your pool enclosure. However, if you decide to adopt this method, you need to be careful with the pressure washer. Always start with the lowest pressure to avoid permanently damaging your pool screen enclosure.

Vinegar And Water Works Too

Using vinegar for pool enclosure cleaning Is an efficient and effective method to get grimes and mold off your screen. A vinegar of half solution mixed with half warm water is the perfect solution for dealing with stubborn areas. A scrub brush dipped into vinegar solution will remove mold, mildew, and algae from your screen closure.

Stubborn Stains? Bleach It

If after trying all these listed methods and you don’t seem to be getting as much result as you would like, then consider bleaching. Be careful though with the quantity of bleach to use, as too much bleach might leave your enclosed screen with a damaged surface. After washing with a bleach solution, rinse off your screen enclosure with a hose. 

Cleaning your pool enclosure is not a difficult task. You can try any of the methods listed above to get your pool looking alluring and attractive. If you are still having issues with your pool, you can get a professional pool cleaning service to help you do a thorough job of cleaning your pool every couple of months.

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